Pookie's Sweetery

Congratulations to our random drawing winner, 2spookyash!  Once we get the information sorted out, a free order of Subterfudge will be heading their way!

For those who didn’t win, don’t forget you can always buy some at the Etsy store!


I’m doing a trial run of Subterfudge to see if I can work the numbers on selling candy, and what better way to celebrate by giving some away for free?! 


Reblogs only, but you don’t have to follow this blog.  Feel free to reblog on multiple accounts of you have them.  On June 9th, I’ll use a randomizer to select a winner. 

The lucky chosen will receive one batch of Subterfudge in their choice of either Lemon or Chocolate flavor in a cute tin.  I’ll even take care of the shipping (just this once for you, baby).  Everyone should have their ask boxes open so I can inform you if you’ve won and please be over the age of 18 or have a parent or guardian’s permission to enter (I’m gonna need your address so don’t tick off your parents if they won’t approve).  This contest is only open to folks in the US or Canada (I had a nightmare shipping problem overseas before :( ).

If you can’t wait until then, check out the store (but you gotta pay there).  Good luck!!

Come check delicious fudge!  If things go well, I’ll be adding more flavors!